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Summer Reading Badges

There are over 50 badges that your child can earn this summer for their lanyard. Stop by the library today to pick up your lanyard to get started.
Badges include:
The Patriot: show bravery, honor, devotion; read books about the history of American, learn about the US flag, recite the Pledge, sing Patriotic songs.
The Buddy: Call or FaceTime a friend, write a letter to someone you love, encourage your friends, be loyal.
The Chef: Read a cookbook, try a new recipe, pretend you are on a cooking show, learn about measurements.
The Equestrian: Research horses, play horseshoes, make a derby hat.
The Critter: Volunteer at a humane society, make a bird feeder, read a book to a pet, research a new pet.
The Builder: Build a fort, a birdhouse, a catapult, use Lego’s to create something new, read books about architecture.
The Writer: write your own fairy tale, keep a journal, learn calligraphy, research authors.
The Music: Make your own instrument, research composers, sing a song,
The Pioneer: Research the Oregon Trail, make a covered wagon, make butter in a jar, play old games.
Feathered Friends: grab binoculars and bird watch, make a bird feeder, make a birdhouse, research bird calls, learn about Kentucky’s state bird.
The Techie: Use the library to access learning activities through KYVL, use technology to reserve items online to pick-up @ the library, participate in VIRTUAL programs!
The Puppet: Make your own puppet using a sock or paper bag, research different puppet forms, read Pinocchio & watch the movie(compare and contrast the two), perform a puppet show for your family.
The Storyteller: Read stories to your stuffed animals or action figures, Tell a tale to your family, pretend you’re a librarian.
The Magic: Learn a magic trick, read magic tales, build a house out of a deck of cards.
The Artist: Create a color wheel displaying complimentary colors, draw or paint a picture, make a sculpture, watch Ms. Mariah’s Art Tutorials on YouTube.
The Western: Research the cowboy, dress like a cowboy, mimic a rodeo ride, make a homemade “Wanted” poster.
Creative Scissors: Create something unique using scissors (snowflakes, 2D or 3D art).
Mosaic Master: Research the term mosaic, make your own mosaic.
The Fairytale: Research fairies, create a fairy garden, tell us your favorite fairy tale & why.
The Sport: Play a sport with your family, make your own sport equipment, create a new sport.
The Adventure: Go on a hike, make a map, track animal footprints
The Goosebump: read books, research RL Stine
The Mystery: Think like a detective, read mystery tales.
The Cheer Badge: Spread cheer by doing something kind, learn a cheer and record it, pick flowers for your adult, paint rocks with encouraging words and hide them around your community.
The Gardener: Start seeds in a small container, attend a Farmer’s Market, watch Ms. Amanda’s Virtual Story Time about Gardens.
The Gamer: play board games with your family, practice rhyming jump rope games, play tug-o-war, create your own game.
The Barbie: Read barbie books, research the barbie, create your own dream barbie doll.
I-Spy: Read I-Spy books, play “I-Spy” games, find specific things in your yard.
The Superhero: Research your favorite superhero, make a cape, create your own superhero.
The Lego: Attend Ms. Abby’s Virtual Lego My Library program on YouTube, make & create with Lego’s.
Virtual Story Time: Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and attend programs.
The Farm: Read farm books, send pics of you on your farm, sing farm songs.
Space: Research your favorite planet, read space books, create your own planet.
The Fish: Go fishing, Learn about fishing laws on KY Fish & Wild website, create a fish dish.
The Automobile: Sort your cars by shape, size, and color, make your own car out of cardboard
The Pirate: Learn to speak pirate, make a treasure map, play walk the plant, make a pirate ship
The Illustrator: Write a short story with several pictures, create a comic strip, make a wordless picture book
Create: Create anything! Build anything!  Use what you have at home to show off those creative skills.
Read:  Turn in your reading log.
The Library: Participate in virtual program, reserve books online
The service: volunteer @ a food bank, make masks for friends and family, make  cards for nursing home patients, pick up trash with your family
The Nature: Go on a hike, splash in a creek, catch lightning bugs and let them go.
The Fitness: Practice yoga, ride a bike, create an obstacle course, clean up your room race
Learn: begin learning a new language, learn a new skill (drawing, building, sewings, etc.) research your family history, keep a journal.
Family: Sing songs in the car, plan a picnic, complete a puzzle together
The Dinosaur: Research dinosaurs, pretend you are a dinosaur, draw your favorite, do a dino dig.
Chalk: create chalk art, find a helper to trace your body-fill it in making clothes, a face, hair, etc., make a hop-scotch game.
Mythology: Study ancient Greek Culture, look at the stars, research Greek Gods, create a new mythological god.
Poetry: read poetry aloud with a friend, put poetry in print, find a poem in you rname, read silly poems by Shel Silverstein.