Teen Book Club

Joining a book club is great for developing a reading routine.  Book clubs will also help in book selection, having readers pick up a title that they might not normally read.

Every month, Ms. Dee’s Teen Book Club meets to discuss the book that was selected.  This month, readers will be talking about “The Black Witch” by Laurie Forest.  The American Booksellers Association reviewed this title and had this to say, “This very engaging YA series deals with difficult topics such as prejudice, hate, intolerance, and stereotypes of other cultures and races…And, yes, some characters have supernatural powers and there is also romance. I would love to see this book as a movie.” – American Booksellers Association

We would love for teens ages 13-19 join our book club.  Stop by the library to grab a copy of this book and join us for friendly discussion on Thursday, September 29th @ 5PM.

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Teen Finger Print Basics

Using our newly acquire Forensics Kit, teens will be able to learn the basics when it comes to stamping and lifting fingerprints.  We are hoping to have our local law enforcement help explain and demonstrate the necessary techniques.  It’s going to be tons of fun, with so much to learn.

Registration is required.  To sign-up, please call 270-237-3861

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Teen Game Night

Teens are invited to attend Game Night with Ms. Dee.

Registration is required.  To sign-up, please call 270-237-3861

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Teen Perler Bead Club

Perler beads are small, plastic beads that can be arranged on a special pegboard to form a design.  After the design is created, they can be permanently fused together using an iron and wax paper. Once cooled, the melted beads can be removed from peg board to reveal a permanent design.  These are often used to make key chains, coasters, jewelry, etc.

Perler Bead Club has been a popular ongoing program.  Once a month, Ms. Dee will have a variety of special pegboards available, as well as a huge assortment of colorful beads.  There will be times that she will instruct teens to create a specific object.  At other times, creative juices will flow allowing the kids to make what they want.  At the end of the program, teens will have something that they made to take home and keep forever….or until they lose it.

Registration is required.  To sign-up, please call 270-237-3861

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